Plus Two SAY, Improvement Examination 2014


Plus Two SAY, Improvement Examination 2014 is scheduled to be held from June 3 to 7. Detailed time table and other details will be published later.  Candidates can apply for the SAY 2014 examination till 20th May. Candidates should have to submit application form for the SAY 201 exam to the examination center where the candidate appeared for the March 2014 regular examination.

Latest News (15.10.2014) : DHSE First Year Improvement Exam Result Published


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Latest News : 01.07.2014
DHSE & VHSE SAY Result Published

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VHSE -SAVE A YEAR (SAY)/Improvement  JUNE 2014 Result : CLICK HERE


For the first time regular candidates those who can apply for the subject for which they didnt get the eligibility marks/grade

Fee for SAY 2014 examination : Rs. 150 per paper
Fee for Improvement examination : Rs. 500
Certificate fee : Rs. 40

For those who cant attend the Practical examination, special practical examination will be held on May 28 and 29.
Fee for Practical examination : Rs. 25 per paper.

Application form for Revaluation is available at the schools. For Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects there will be no revaluation/scrutiny. But candidates can apply for the answer sheet copy for the above mentioned subjects.

Fee for Revaluation 2014: Rs. 500 per paper
Copy of Answer Sheet :  Rs. 300 per paper
Fee for Scrutiny : Rs. 100 per paper

Latest News : Kerala Plus Two Results Published
Result Date : 13.05.2013
Time : 03.00 pm

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Latest News (02.12.2013) : DHSE First Year Improvement Result Published


Kerala Higher Secondary (Plus Two) SAY and Improvement examination schedule is published, candidates can apply till May 15th. They have to submit the application to the same exam center at which they appeared the examination in March 2013. Application fee for SAY examination 2013 is fixed to Rs. 100 per paper and for improvement it will be Rs. 400 per paper. Candidates should submit a fee of Rs. 20 as the certificate fee.

The results of the First Year Improvement Examination September 2013 have been published. The same is available at,
Those students who desire to apply for revaluation, photocopy, scrutiny of their answer-scripts are requested to apply in the prescribed application form along with the requisite fee for the same. The applications are to be submitted to the Principals of the school where they registered for the examination. The last date for submitting applications is 16/12/2013.
Details regarding Fees
Revaluation – Rs.500/- per paper
Scrutiny – Rs.100/- per paper
Photocopy of answer-scripts – Rs.300/- per paper.
The application forms can be had either from the concerned schools or can be downloaded from the DHSE PORTAL. Applications should not be submitted directly to the Director on any account. All Principals are directed to upload the details of the applications received in their schools using the software that will be provided by the Secretary, Board of Higher Secondary Examinations before 20/12/2013.


VHSE First Year Improvement Exam Results – September 2013
Published on 25.11.2013 at 4:30 PM

HSE First Year Scrutiny Result – March 2013 Published
Instructions for Students Regarding Scrutiny Result


Plus One & Plus Two Christmas Exam Time Table 2013



Name of examination : Kerala Plus Two (HSE) Revaluation
Updated : 31.10.2013

Latest News : 1st Year & 2nd Year Revaluation Results Published

Download : First Year Revaluation Result : CLICK HERE

Download : Second Year Revaluation Result : CLICK HERE


The Revaluation result of the First Year march / Second Year SAY Examination June 2013 has been published. The Students who have change in Score may surrender their original scoring sheet and obtain the fresh Scoring Sheet with in one month.


For Plus Two revaluation and copy of answer sheet & scrutiny candidates should submit the application to the concerned examination center. Application forms can be obtained from the school & from the higher secondary directorate. Fee for revaluation will be Rs. 400 & Rs. 300 for answer sheet copy and Rs. 75 for scrutiny. Students are advised to submit the applications before May 22nd for revaluation and copy of answer sheet & scrutiny.

Latest News : SAY/Improvement Result Published





The students who have complaints or doubts about their results can apply for Revaluation & Scrutiny for all subjects except Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. They can apply for Photocopy of their answer scripts in respect of all subjects. The fee for Revaluation, Scrutiny and Photocopy are as follows: 1. Revaluation per paper Rs. 500/-, 2. Scrutiny per paper Rs.100/-, 3. Photocopy per paper Rs.300/-. The application should be submitted to the Principals of the schools where the candidates have registered for the examination. The last date for the submission of application is 15.07.2013. The prescribed application forms can be had from the schools or from the department portal. The applications will not be received directly in the Directorate. On completion of the revaluation process, changes if any will be intimated to the students directly or through the portal and fresh certificates will be issued to them on production of the original certificates within the stipulated time.



*Plus Two SAY/Improvement centralised valuation has been started at 28 camps on 10.06.2013.
**Plus Two SAY Examination will  be published soon, Stay tuned for the publishing date & Result

***The Physics examination, which was rescheduled from May 28 to June 1st has been postponed to June 4 at 9.30 am.Only Physics exam, other subjects will be as per the time table given.(It is due to the All India Medical Entrance Examination)

****The Examination scheduled to be held on May 28th is postponed to June 1st and the exam scheduled on May 27th is postponed to May 28th. There is no change in the subject or time. New Time Table is given below.

*****Last date for submitting application has been extended to 17.05.2013

SAY/Improvement Time Table Published. The examination will start from May 27th

Time Table for the Second Year Higher Secondary SAY/Improvement Theory Examination May 2013

 THEORY – 27-05-2013 to 31-05-2013 Practical 24-05-2013 to 25-05-2013


 Subjects without Practical   : (FN) 9.30 AM to 12.15 PM including Cool off Time (15 minutes)
                                                                      (AN) 2.00 PM to 4.45 PM   including Cool off Time (15 minutes)

Subjects with Practical           : (FN) 9.30 AM to 11.45 PM [IST] including Cool off Time (15 minutes)
Except Biology and Music    :   Biology 9.30 AM to 11.55 AM including Cool off Time : 20 minutes
(10 minutes each for Botany & Zoology and 5 minutes preparatory time for Zoology)
                                                                 :  Music 9.30 AM to 11.15 AM  including Cool off Time (15 minutes)
                                                                    (AN) 2.00 PM to 4.15 PM  including Cool off Time (15 minutes)

 Date                                                   Day                                                    Subjects
28-05-2013      FN                     TUESDAY                                           ENGLISH\
28-05-2013     AN                     TUESDAY                                SECOND LANGUAGES

                                           PART – III  OPTIONAL                                                                                        

29-05-2013      FN                     WEDNESDAY       CHEMISTRY, POLITICAL SCIENCE, SANSKRIT SASTRA
29-05-2013       AN                   WEDNESDAY           GANDHIAN STUDIES, STATISTICS
30-05-2013      FN                    THURSDAY            MATHEMATICS, PART – III LANGUAGES
30-05-2013       AN                  THURSDAY              ECONOMICS  PART – III ENGLISH LITERATURE
31-05-2013       FN                    FRIDAY                    BIOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, COMPUTER SCIENCE
31-05-2013       AN                   FRIDAY                    HOME SCIENCE, HISTORY ,BUSINESS STUDIES , ISLAMIC HISTORY AND CULTURE ,                                                                                              ELECTRONICS, ELECTRONICS SERVICE TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH

01-065-2013      FN                  SATURDAY             GEOGRAPHY, ACCOUNTANCY
01-06-2013      AN                    SATURDAY             GEOLOGY, SOCIAL WORK
04.06.2013      FN                     MONDAY                  PHYSICS


DATE                               DAY                       SUBJECT

27-05-2013       FN     MONDAY                 PART – I : ENGLISH
27-05-2013       AN    MONDAY                 PART – II : LANGUAGES

                                   PART – III OPTIONALS
28-05-2013      FN      TUESDAY                 MAIN
28-05-2013      AN     TUESDAY                 SUBSIDIARY
29-05-2013      FN      WEDNESDAY          LITERATURE
29-05-2013      AN     WEDNESDAY          AESTHETICS
30-05-2013      FN     THURSDAY              SANSKRIT     

Notification Details :

The Higher Secondary /Technical Higher Secondary /Art Higher Secondary SAY and Improvement Examination of May 2013 will commence from 27.05.2013 as per the time table appended.


(a)  Scheme – 1 regular candidates of Higher Secondary Examination March 2013 who registered for the Second Year Higher Secondary Examination, March 2013 but failed to become eligible for higher studies can appear for this examination. Such candidates can register only for those subjects for which they failed to attain D+ or above grade in order to improve his/her grade in those subjects. They can avail this facility for all the subjects in which they failed to attain D+ grade or above and should register for all such subjects.

(b)  Compartmental candidates under Scheme-1 and Scheme-2 who have secured D+ or above for five subjects and appeared in the Second Year Higher Secondary examination, March 2013 can register for the one subject for which he/she failed to attain D+ or above grade. If a candidate in this category has failed to secure D+ grade or above for more than one subject he/she is not eligible to register for this Examination.

(c)  Scheme -1 regular candidates who attended Higher Secondary Examination March 2013 and attained D+ or above grade for all six subjects at the Higher Secondary examination March 2013 are eligible to appear for improvement of grade of any one subject.


(i)            Candidates appearing for SAY/Improvement examination in Biology should attend both Botany and Zoology papers.

(ii)           Candidates who did not register for the Higher Secondary Examination, March 2013 are not eligible to register for the SAY/Improvement Examination May 2013.

(iii)          A candidate cannot appear for the SAY and Improvement Examination at the same time.

(iv)         A candidate shall appear only for Terminal Evaluation (TE) of the concerned subject. The CE scores and PE scores (in the case of subjects with Practicals) of the March Examination of such candidates shall be carried over. If a candidate had not undergone Practical Evaluation previously, he/she should attend the same along with this Examination. Otherswise he/she will be treated as absent for that subject.

(v)          Consolidated certificate showing the scores obtained at the SAY Examination, May 2013 and at previous exams will be issued to all candidates who become eligible for higher studies at the SAY/Improvement Examination, May 2013. Certificate showing scores obtained at the Improvement Examination will be issued separately.

The Examination will be conducted in selected Higher Secondary Schools throughout Kerala and Lakshadweep. The list of Higher Secondary Schools selected as Examination Centres and the list of Higher Secondary Schools clubbed to each Examination centre will be made available in the department portal


Application duly filled in shall be submitted to the Principal of the School where the student has registered for the March 2013 Examination. A passport size photograph attested by the Principal shall be pasted in the space provided in the application form. The candidates can have their application forms from their parent schools where they appeared for the Examination of March 2013.

The Principals of the respective parent school shall register the candidates at their centre for SAY/Improvement Examination, May 2013, online, through Department portal, The concerned parent school authorities shall download the admission tickets of the candidates attending SAY/Improvement Examination, May 2013 and distribute the same to the candidates at least three days before the commencement of the Examination. The Candidates on receipt of the admission tickets shall scrutinize the hall tickets and get the defect if any, rectified then and there. The Principals are directed to inform the SAY/Improvement candidates from their schools about their Examination Centres. This notification is applicable to both Open School Regular and Private Registration Candidates. Application form is common to all candidates. The Principals of the parent school shall receive the applications with enclosures, consolidate the data, prepare the nominal roll and  question paper statement of the candidates attending that centre and submit one copy of the nominal roll and Question paper statement to the Secretary, Board of  Higher Secondary Examinations, Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, Housing Board Buildings, Santhi Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram-1 and A copy of the nominal roll and Question Paper statement prepared by the parent school shall be given to the Chief Superintendent of the SAY Exam Centre before the last date fixed for the same.

Last date for submission of Application Form at the parent school by the SAY/Improvement Candidates


Last date for remittance of fee at the treasury by the Principals of the parent school


Last date for online registration of Candidates through Department portal from the Parent School


Last date for receipt of nominal roll and Question Paper statement at the SAY/Improvement Exam Centres and DHSE







Fee for SAY Examination Rs.100/- per Subject


Fee for Improvement Examination Rs. 400/- per subject


Fee for Practical Examination Rs. 25/- per subject


Fee for Certificate Rs. 20/-


The fee for the Examination should be remitted in the Government Treasury under the Head of Account “0202-01-102-97(02) Exam Fees” and in the case of fee for Certificate, it may be remitted under the Head of Account “0202-01-102-97(03) Other Receipts”. Details of fee remitted shall be uploaded as done during March Exam.


The candidates from the Gulf Countries shall submit their application in the centres where they had registered for the Second Year Higher Secondary Examination, March 2013 and can appear for the Examination from any one of the selected Examination Centres in Kerala. The photographs of such candidates shall be attested by a Gazetted Officer. They shall also produce before the Principal of the SAY Examination Centres their Admission Tickets of March 2013 Examination/Identity Card issued from the School where they have studied. The details shall be intimated to the Directorate. The parent schools of such candidates should upload the details of such candidates and the school in Kerala where they propose to write the Examination and should make arrangements for them to write the Examination.


The candidates in Lakshadweep can appear for the Examination in three centres provided in Lakshadweep. The list of Higher secondary Schools clubbed to these centres is appended. The Examination centres are allowed for the SAY/Improvement Examination on condition that the entire responsibility regarding this Examination shall rest with the office of the Director of Education, administration of Union territory of Lakshadweep


Practical Examination will be conducted from 24.05.2013 to 25.05.2013 in designated centres, one in each district.

Candidates who have appeared for Practical Examination during March 2013 or prior to that need not re-appear for the same again at the SAY/Improvement Examination. Candidates who have not appeared for Practical Examination during March 2013 or prior to that can appear for Practical Examination at the SAY/Improvement Examination.

Plus Two SAY Time Table has been published  the directorate will publish the Plus Two SAY & Improvement Result 2013 as early as possible to help the students to save their year. Stay tuned for more updates on this..

Plus Two SAY