Kerala University Degree Admission Trial Allotment & Rank List

Kerala University will publish the trail allotment and Provisional rank list for the first year degree admission through single window system.  The trail allotment/rank list will only include those who registered till 1st June. The objective of the trail allotment is to provide an idea to the candidates about the online allotment, using the options provided by them during the option registration and hence it will not be considered for the admission.

Latest News : 10.06.2015
Kerala University Degree Trial Allotment Published : CLICK HERE
(you must login using your application number & password)

Latest News (19.06.2014):

(you must login using your application number & password)

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  1. Archana Aniyan says:

    Pls mail the alotment date

  2. pleace for admission pleaceeeeee…………….pleace………………

  3. navab mahamood says:

    plz mail the date of additional allotment for kerala university?

  4. vysakh.v says:

    Date of supplimentary allotment

  5. vishnu says:

    post the date of supplymentry allotment plsssss

  6. achu says:

    if we get a seat under community quota. wil we be include in supplementary allotment???? in the case the online options are not cancelled

  7. AmalSB says:

    is right

  8. sanmitha says:

    supplimentary allotment on 8th.

  9. Anoop.G.S says:

    When is the supplementary allotement?

  10. Jeena k George says:

    when was the supplymentary allotment?
    please mail me the detiles.

  11. ashina s chandrababu says:

    Search your print out of application form.

  12. saranya raj says:

    when is supplimentary allotment?

  13. Sarath says:

    Plz mail the date of Supplimentary allotment publish.. Plzz

  14. sudhisankar.c says:

    please sir give to one chans please

  15. anas says:

    supplmentary allotment

  16. anas says:

    when is supplementary allotment

  17. anu says:

    tell me allotment in digree

  18. hadhee says:

    how can i get my application number

  19. Akhil krishnan says:

    when is the supplementary

  20. achu says:

    when is the supplementary allotment?

  21. Shiyas says:

    Endh pati allot ment vanno

  22. Shiyas says:

    Jishana what is tha problem

  23. Shiyas says:

    Univercitiyil thirakiyal mathiyakum

  24. sanmitha says:

    can anyone please tell me, when supplimentary list will be published? The site said to wait for this one. Not even stating when!

  25. Nijil k sasc says:

    plz mail me the day of trial alotement.

  26. aruna says:

    please tell the time of third allotmnt

  27. Ashh says:

    nthng to wory,dea.typ ua applcatn num nd paswrd properly,

  28. Akhil Prasad says:

    when 3rd alotment published?

  29. Ajeesh aju says:

    thante Application number athanu user name,Password Tante Date of birth aanu,(date/month/year)

  30. rakesh says:

    On 23.06.2013

  31. rakesh says:

    Its on 23rd June

  32. MIDHUN RAJ says:

    PlZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ send the time of 3 allotment

  33. Fahad says:

    when 3rd alotment published

  34. vineeth says:

    plz tel published allotment

  35. Agnes says:

    Plz mail me 3rd allotment.

  36. Haritha says:

    showing appli num or password does not mathch their database….entha cheyya??????

  37. unais says:

    What s application number?
    Is it online id/hse register number?

  38. suryagayathri says:


  39. D Akhilesh pai says:

    Give me the exact date of third allotment and the date of joining colleges

  40. krishnaprakash says:

    yahoo eniku kittiye pottanu lottary adiche

  41. rashid chatti says:

    Ennanu 1st allowtment

  42. anas mari says:

    pls mail me

  43. Sneha says:

    Hai guys

  44. AaLiYa KaLaM k says:

    2nd allotment publishedddddddddd

  45. libin mv says:

    1st allotment enna? Plz inform, :(

  46. D Akhilesh pai says:

    Second allotment nt yet publishd..

  47. rakesh says:

    Second allotment not yet published.

  48. Akhil kannan says:

    Pls mail the time of second allotment

  49. mahesh says:

    pz correct website

  50. Aravind says:


  51. Arun says:

    Plz mail the date and time of 2nd alotment plz

  52. Arun says:

    Plz mail the date and time of 2nd alotment plz umma

  53. Vismaya T.J says:

    Pls inform me that the time of publishing the second allotment.

  54. Vishnu A says:

    When secound alotement published?

  55. vishnu p.s says:

    please inform me the trlal allotment to my facebook account.vishnuchithram

  56. vishnu p.s says:

    please inform the correct websit ………

  57. rakesh says:

    It is the number you get when generating the challan

  58. Jishana says:

    What is application number?is it online id

  59. shiju says:

    pls inform the date of second allotment

  60. ADARSH THOMAS says:

    publish cheythitu karyamila mackale…………………….system busyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  61. subhana says:

    d same 4 me too durga

  62. Jyothish george says:

    Pls….. Publish the time for first allotment….

  63. akshay krishnan says:


  64. akshay krishnan says:

    make sure about ur password

  65. Amal.j says:

    Anna trial allotment publish cheyunne

  66. durga nair says:

    site is showing error .site is busy or app no and password isnt matching wat 2 do?????????????

  67. akshay krishnan says:

    not yet fixed….

  68. akshay krishnan says:

    contact helpline number given in the university site

  69. AALIYA KALAM K says:

    Anyone know ,when will be the first allotment??????????

  70. AALIYA KALAM K says:

    There will be an allotment menu on top of your profile page click dat menu you can see were you are allotted okeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  71. Bivin v says:

    please inform me the date of trail allotment

  72. nikil says:

    I lost my application number .how to get back it pleace give information

  73. akshay krishnan says:

    anyone got placed in any collrgr in the trial allotment?????

  74. subhana says:

    rahul wat sort of error its showin??

  75. subhana nazar says:

    its showin dat d site must be busy or error in matchin of applctn no n passwrd…. wat to do???

  76. gayathri says:

    will there a chance to get in first allotment if there is no allotment in the trial allotment

  77. arundhathy.s says:

    d site is nt availbl

  78. jensu johnson says:

    Enna 1st allotment…

  79. rakesh says:

    When would you submitted the application ? if did after 5.00 pm on 01.06.2013, it will not be included in the trial allotment. You have to wait till the first allotment.

  80. nadiya nazer says:

    when will the first allotment be published?

  81. Rahul Nyd says:

    Error Aakunnu
    Enth cheyyum ???

  82. Vivek vijayan says:

    Plz send the date&time of the trial allotment

  83. abhi says:

    hey how did u get it?? when i login with my applctn num nd paswrd it shows the college options and print and preview options. how can i get the allotment results plssss helppppp…

  84. trial allotement site is not available

  85. favas salim says:

    Pls inform the 1st allotment date

  86. Aaliya kalam k says:

    yipeeeeee i have got ma trial allotment………….

  87. aski kriss says:


  88. Aaliya kalam k says:

    plzzz post d tym of trial allotment…………..

  89. ASIF says:

    pls call the date and time of university allotment

  90. arun says:

    plz mail the date and time of universiti trail alotment

  91. rahul says:

    which is the site to know the trial allotment of kerala university2013

  92. sarath gs nedumangad says:

    plz post the date of
    publishing trial allotments

  93. Shiron says:

    Pls post time of trial allotment

  94. amitha says:

    plz post the date of publishing trial allotments

  95. aski kriss says:

    a tree has fallen inside university premises due to heavy rain and wind last night…so there is no power supply…there will be a delay for trial allotment…dates are not fixed yet….

  96. aski kriss says:

    guyss universityil maram veenu….athukond avide power supply illaa….allotment dates not fixed….a small delay is there…

  97. subhalekshmi.s says:

    plz post the date & time of publishing alotments

  98. Amal.j says:

    Pls post time of trial allotment

  99. Amal says:

    When will the trial allotment published pleace male the date and timme of the allotment

  100. Amal says:

    Annan trial allotment edunne first allotment ann thudangum

  101. jaice says:

    plz mail the date &tmr of the alltmnt

  102. honey says:

    plz send me the date and time of trial allotment of degree

  103. vishnu says:

    Pls post time of trail allottment

  104. arun says:

    trail alotment how didnt come

  105. nithin.m says:

    plz mail date&time

  106. Vignesh says:

    Why are you not publishing trial allotment ?

  107. Lakshmi says:

    When will the trial allotment published ?

  108. greeshma.r chandran says:

    pls mail the date and time of trial allotmen

  109. AmalSB says:

    pls info me trial allowtment

  110. amal says:

    pls mail the date and time of trial allotment

  111. Renju says:

    pls mail the date and time of trial allotment

  112. Vishnu says:

    Please issue the time when the allotment will be publish.

  113. Harisanth says:

    Helo maria

    Plz tell publeash time

  114. Harisanth says:

    Which date will publeash guyz????

  115. jensu johnson says:

    Plz issue the time……

  116. maria says:

    at what time would the Trial Allotment results be published???????

  117. Dileeplal says:

    Please mail me the time of trial allotment.

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