Kerala Polytechnic Admission Trial and First Allotment

Kerala polytechnics admission 2013 trail allotment and rank list will be published on 7th June. Candidates can check their rank list, trail or first allotment from the link given below. The detailed time schedule of the Kerala Poly admission 2013 allotment & counselling is given below.

2015 Polytechnic Admission
Latest News : Final Rank List & Select List Will Be Published


Latest News : 23.06.2015 – Trial Allotment Published

2014 Admission
Final Ranklist and Selectlist published.
Check Your Allotment : CLICK HERE
Check Your Rank : CLICK HERE

Poly Admission 2014 Schedule :

  • Online Submission of Application ends : 10.06.2014
  • Last date for Registration of applications at Polytechnic
    Colleges and remitting the required fees : 11.06.2014
  • Publication of Provisional Rank list & Trial Allotment : 13.06.2014
  • Last date for Appeal & Submission of Revised Options : 16.06.2014
  • Publication of Final Rank List & Select List : 18.06.2014
  • Dates of Admission based on Select List : 19.06.2013 to 21.06.2014\
  • First counseling & admission (District wise) at nodal
    Polytechnic Colleges : 25.06.2013 to 27.06.2014
  • Second counseling & admission (District wise) at nodal
    Polytechnic Colleges : 03.07.2013 to 05.07.2014
  • Admission Closes On : 22.07.2014
  • Classes for the First Semester Begins On : 30.06.2014



2013 Admission
Latest News :
Second Round Counselling for admission to the vacant seats will be conducted at the Nodal polytechnics of each district on 27th, 28th & 29th June 2013. Candidates can check the time schedule for interview  by clicking the list of districts given below.


For More details : CLICK HERE to visit official site


To Read More on this : CLICK HERE
First Allotment & Final Rank List Published

Polytechnic First Allotment : CLICK HERE

Polytechnic Final Rank List : CLICK HERE

The admission will be done at the concerned polytechnic colleges from 13.06.2013 to 15.06.2013


Trial Allotment & Rank List

To View Your Trial Allotment : CLICK HERE

To View Your Rank Details : CLICK HERE


Online Submission of Application ends : 05.06.2013
Last date for Registration of applications at Polytechnic
Colleges and remitting the required fees : 06.06.2013
Publication of Provisional Rank list & Trial Allotment : 07.06.2013
Last date for Appeal & Submission of Revised Options : 10.06.2013
Publication of Final Rank List & Select List : 12.06.2013
Dates of Admission based on Select List : 13.06.2013 to 15.06.2013
First counseling & admission (District wise) at nodal
Polytechnic Colleges : 20.06.2013 to 22.06.2013

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    next allotmentil kittumo??????

  2. Sreerag says:

    Sir, poly yil admission kittumo?
    pls give next allotment date…

  3. Ajith says:

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  4. jibin mt says:

    poly ademishion kazicho

  5. Raghul says:

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  6. Anoop.M.B says:

    I want to know about the thirad counsiling at 10/07/2013

  7. abhinav says:

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  8. rakesh says:

    Contact the nodal polytechnic today itself

  9. Sunny says:

    Sir 2nd allotment undo

  10. Sinu k.s says:

    Sir….. Polyil admission kittumo s

  11. Rijo chacko says:

    Plz give 2nd allotment date

  12. jineesh james says:

    sir my rank 10503
    aniku polyyil admision kittumo.

  13. Nejmunnisa says:

    2nd allotment date

  14. biju says:

    sir,next allotment date please?

  15. shijin jamal says:

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  16. shijin jamal says:

    poli next allotment pls

  17. krishna says:

    plz give me the date of second

  18. naseela says:

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  19. RETHUL says:

    Sir plz give second altment date i am wait for next chance

  20. aravind.v says:

    Sir pls tell the second alotment date.enik kittumo kottayam 1608

  21. ashams babu says:

    sir please tell the second allotment date we are begging

  22. suhair says:

    Nee kareyam para

  23. suhair says:

    No newer exepet menegment seat

  24. suhair says:

    Second alotment

  25. suhair says:

    Pls all men publish our rank

  26. suhair says:

    Your rank pls

  27. suhair says:

    My rank is 1961 i have not admission pls knowe me last selected rank

  28. arunkumar says:

    i want to the next allotment date

  29. Akhil says:

    When it’ll be publish?

  30. Akhil says:

    Can u give me the date of second allotment?

  31. Sarath c.g.. says:

    Sir plz give me the second allowtment date…

  32. Jincy says:

    Sir,my rank is 476in wayanad,nd am frm there is any chance to get an admission in Meenagadi polytechnic college?

  33. Anandha krishnan.s.s says:

    I am waiting

  34. Akhil says:

    My rank is 1200, the last rank called at the college is 461 if i get a chance?

  35. Aj says:

    When the second allotment?

  36. Binoy binu says:

    Sir pls give next allotment details…

  37. vishnu kv says:

    Sir , how can join a govt polytechic college ? Iam from palakkad district . Plz help me!

  38. vishnu kv says:

    Polytechnic-il total ethra allotment undu? Atho onnu mathramano ullu??

  39. Junaid says:

    Please tell second allotment date…..

  40. divyavijayan says:

    sir plz publish the second allotment
    we r waiting……………………………..

  41. aswathy says:

    sir pls publish the secnd allotment

  42. Anandakrishnan.R says:

    please givenext allotment date, if i get next chance

  43. murukesh says:

    Aliya enikum second allotment vannal parayanam pls ith ente number09745945194

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  45. Adarsh ck says:

    Sir ,when was the date of second allotement? Plz rplyyyyyyyyy

  46. Manikandan says:

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  47. george says:

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  48. Gokul says:

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    sir pls tell the date of next allotment

  50. Saji says:

    Plz give me the second allotment results

  51. Saji says:

    I have 1729 rank in malappuram there is any chance to me plz reply

  52. Binu says:

    Haii students….supper chance .tamil nadu polytechnic il sciense padichavrke 2nd year ayii keram…fee kurvaa no.9656251534

  53. deepak p ashok says:

    wait n seeee

  54. deepak p ashok says:

    no school selected meeeeeeeee

  55. iyaz says:

    we both have same prblm do u get any way….?

  56. athira says:

    i have no allotment at now. so what can i do?

  57. akhil says:

    Dear that is today

  58. Vishnu vijayan says:

    oru admishion thayooooooooooo
    sirinu poniyam kittum,,,..
    Enthu veanamagilum njan chyaam , sira oradmission plssssssss

  59. IYAZ says:


  60. IYAZ says:

    when is the next allotment date

  61. nisamudheen says:

    iwant final ranklist. . .

  62. Sreelekshmi m says:

    Plz tel second allotment date

  63. shebin says:

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  64. sudhilal s says:

    please give me second allotment date

  65. Aneesh.s says:

    i have sumbmited polytechnical collage application theeruvananthapuram and wayanad rank 5625 is there chance get admission pls sir telmi

  66. Vinish p v says:

    I want trail alotment rank list

  67. rashid c says:

    sir , i didn’t get my rank list.what i want to do.please tell me sir

  68. akhilesh says:

    sir , when the second alotment ? plz tell the alotment date.

  69. AKHIL.A says:

    Please my rank plz help me counsiling date?

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  71. salman says:

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  73. says:

    rank list

  74. Suneesh says:

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  75. SHAJLA K says:

    Have i chance to get admission in next allotment?

  76. jeevan raj says:

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  77. kalesh k says:

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    Plz wait for next allotement……im sadddd

  79. plz give second allotment date….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  80. jinson says:

    i want admission. when the next allotment

  81. AKHIL.P.S says:

    No selection in this alloutment

  82. shamseer says:

    Iwant no of seat mlprm wynad idukki

  83. Sarath m.v says:

    Please show trail alotment result

  84. MURHID PK says:

    pls give me next allotment date……

  85. RENJITH says:

    Enikkuum ente friendsnum admissions tharu

  86. Lukman says:

    Please give my rank

  87. adonis shibin h says:

    I can’t take my Kerala Polytechnic Admission Trial and First Allotment there is an error showing when I enter my application no and dob what can I do

  88. ajithlal says:

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  89. ajithlal says:

    kindly attach aplication and allotment do fast

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  92. Nezzy says:

    I want the date of nxt allotment

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  94. sarath says:

    please show trail allotment result

  95. Abhiraj c says:

    I want my rank list

  96. muhammedshamnad v says:


  97. junais vs says:

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  99. krishnakumar says:

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