Kerala Plus Two SAY Results 2013

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Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Board will publish the result of the Plus Two SAY/Improvement examination held in May 2013. Centralised valuation has been started at 28 camps on 10.06.2013, in order to publish the DHSE (Plus Two) SAY result as per the time schedule. Candidates can check their Plus Two SAY result at the link given below (once its available).

Examination : DHSE & VHSE (Plus Two)
Conducted by : Kerala Higher Secondary Education Department
Result Date : 13.05.2013
Time : 03.00 pm

HSE Result 2014 announced(Plus two) : CLICK HERE 

 VHSE Result  2014 announced : CLICK HERE




Latest News (02.12.2013) : DHSE First Year Improvement Result Published


Examination : Kerala Plus Two SAY Examination & Kerala Plus Two Improvement  Examination
Conducted by : Kerala Higher Secondary Examination Board.
Expected date of publishing result : 3rd week of June 2013.


  Plus Two first Term Examination (Onam Examination) Time Table Published

DATE                                     DAY                    SUBJECT
04/09/2013              Wednesday        Part I English
05/09/2013              Thursday            Part II Languages
06/09/2013              Friday                  Part III Optional Subject – 1
09/09/2013              Monday               Part III Optional Subject – 2
10/09/2013             Tuesday                Part III Optional Subject – 3
11/09/2013              Wednesday          Part III Optional Subject – 4
Time of Examination
Subjects without practicals : 1.30 pm to 4.15 pm including cool
off time of 15 minutes.
Subjects with practicals except
Biology and Music : 1.30 pm to 3.45 pm including cool off time of 15 minutes.
Biology : 1.30 pm to 3.55 pm including cool off time, 10 minutes each for
Botany and Zoology with 5 minutes preparatory time for Zoology
Music : 1.30 pm to 3.15 pm including cool off time of 15 minutes
The Examination will begin only at 2.30 pm on Friday.


SAY/Improvement  Result Published





The students who have complaints or doubts about their results can apply for Revaluation & Scrutiny for all subjects except Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. They can apply for Photocopy of their answer scripts in respect of all subjects. The fee for Revaluation, Scrutiny and Photocopy are as follows: 1. Revaluation per paper Rs. 500/-, 2. Scrutiny per paper Rs.100/-, 3. Photocopy per paper Rs.300/-. The application should be submitted to the Principals of the schools where the candidates have registered for the examination. The last date for the submission of application is 15.07.2013. The prescribed application forms can be had from the schools or from the department portal. The applications will not be received directly in the Directorate. On completion of the revaluation process, changes if any will be intimated to the students directly or through the portal and fresh certificates will be issued to them on production of the original certificates within the stipulated time.

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  1. Tinkle says

    When will come the result..???
    we didn’t gt even half time of evaluation to study..:(

  2. Shaheem E.K says

    Result eppol varum.E month pradeekshikkamo

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    Are you the people who are teaching us the morals of lives.Are you not ashamed of yourself to call yourself teachers spoiling the lives of many innocent students.Irresponsible as usual isn’t it

  5. Vaisakh kv says

    Sir, Eni Yethra yennu Vacha Njangal Kathirikkuka Please, Publish Plus two say and improvement ressult.

  6. vivy says

    sathyathilenna eeee result ariyunnathu

  7. Grittu says

    Wil u publish plus two say /improvement examinations result ?

  8. sreejith uv says

    friends next month 7 result ariyumenu vicharikunu

  9. Sreeraj says

    Sir..r u kidding with us..when is our result will publish…plz tell the currect date..

  10. sreeju says

    imprivment exam ezhuthiyath verum oru neram pokanenu manassilayi…
    aa result eni enekyanavo…

  11. Rajesh kp says

    etano save one year etrayum irresponsible avaruth

  12. Jishnu says

    Sir ellavareum jayipikanam plz

  13. Suhail Hyder says

    Sir ,,, eppizha result publish cheyyuka…
    collegil admissoneplam fullavaray.. iniyeppozhekka. nyangalude future.. pls publish our result fast.. its our request.

  14. vishnu t says


  15. vishnu t says

    enna result

  16. Kiran kuttu says

    Ennum pattichu….

  17. Ramees Hussain says

    Enno naleyo degree admission thirum pinne njangalk ara admission thara vegam resilt publish cheyyu plz

  18. Kiran kuttu says

    Result aduthavarzham varum..
    Athuvare önnu wait cheye

  19. Kiran kuttu says

    Vallathoru cheythaye poye…

  20. Gilu says

    Innaanoooo result?????….. Smbdy pls rply..pls…

  21. sobeeh says

    degreek alote ment varea eathi thudangi xam ezuthit oru masavumayi ithe varea result vannilalo

  22. vipindas says

    plz improvement result publish

  23. Jestin says

    Sir, Result enna publish cheyunne

  24. Subin babu says

    Anna plus two say result varunay?plz tell me.

  25. Vipinraj says

    Sir anthane ruslte varathathe plese help me

  26. brijo says

    plz eniku chemistryil 22 and maths 32 plz eniku ithra marku tharane plz plz:)

  27. Andrews says

    sir pettanu result publish chey

  28. vibin says

    entamooo sayku padikan kurachu divasma thannulu result pathuka publish cheythal mathitito apzothekum college admision oka kazhiyum pinne manathu nokki erikam

  29. sreejith uv says

    ana result varunath

  30. sreejith uv says

    agane aayal reksha pettu

  31. muhammed ashif says

    ella collegilum admission kazhiyan pokunnu..result enna varunnath

  32. ajmal says

    ethano say one year……………..

  33. Neethu says

    Njagalude future kalayaruth naleyenkilum result varo

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    enna jaipikana

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  38. siby says

    Enna result varika. 3rd week kazhinjallo

  39. Sibin says

    Ethra yum time eduthathu kond ezhuthiya all students ne jayipikum 😀

  40. Mubashir says

    3rd weekil ennaa plus two say/improovement
    Exam result?????
    Reply pettannu thaa

  41. rane says

    eppa varum result?entra kashttapet paper nokkunnathalle njagale jaypich vidane…plz plz plz

  42. Harshith says

    Result e varsham varumo?

  43. Hari says

    I did say on computer science and chemistry.
    I need 25 in chemistry
    and 19 in computer
    is there any grace mark for this time
    like we had on physics last time.

  44. Nizam says

    Appola result publish cheyyunnath

  45. Vijo vijayan says

    Ee week kanumo? Atho adutha kollam anno result publish cheyunath? Sayku padikan ethryum dhivasam thanila engene noki ellavareyum jayipichal nallathanu

  46. Jebin rss says

    Entha ithu E year engilum result publish cheyyumo?

  47. Nikhil says

    Evaluvatione edukkunna ithrem time polum njangakke padikkan thannillalooo

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