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Kerala Plus Two (HSE) Revaluation Results 2013

May 31
15:05 2013

The higher secondary education department of Kerala will publish the Plus 2 revaluation result in the first week of June 2013. Candidates can check the Revaluation results of Second Year Higher Secondary Examination (DHSE) held in March 2013 at the links given below . Those candidates who have change of scores on revaluation shall submit their original mark list along with a request to effect the change, through the concerned School Principals directly to the under signed with in one month for effecting the change of marks.


Latest News : Kerala Plus Two Results Published
Result Date : 13.05.2013
Time : 03.00 pm

HSE Result 2014 announced(Plus two) : CLICK HERE 

 VHSE Result  2014 announced : CLICK HERE




Latest News (02.12.2013) : DHSE First Year Improvement Result Published


Name of examination : Kerala Plus Two (HSE) Revaluation
Updated : 30.11.2013

HSE First Year Scrutiny Result – March 2013 Published
Instructions for Students Regarding Scrutiny Result


Latest News : 1st Year & 2nd Year Revaluation Results Published

Download : First Year Revaluation Result : CLICK HERE

Download : Second Year Revaluation Result : CLICK HERE


The Revaluation result of the First Year march / Second Year SAY Examination June 2013 has been published. The Students who have change in Score may surrender their original scoring sheet and obtain the fresh Scoring Sheet with in one month.

HSE Scrutiny Result Published


Revaluation Result Published


The Revaluation results of Second Year Higher Secondary Examination, March 2013 are published herewith. Those candidates who have change of scores on revaluation shall submit their original mark list along with a request to effect the change, through the concerned Higher Secondary School Principals directly to the under signed with in one month for effecting the change of marks.


First year RAL result Published

Click Here to Check First year RAL result.

SAY/IMPORVEMENT  Result Published





Plus Two revaluation

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  1. Athira
    Athira October 31, 15:03

    Why you hurry this much………….. wait for few more days. I’ve appeared Biology and no idea the result!!!!!!!!!!!! am worry on is the mark more than the 1st result??????? ente god. Gopika nee engane 95% vangi, “Congratulations”.

  2. Abdulla
    Abdulla October 30, 16:56

    where I can check plus one revaluation result

  3. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv October 22, 13:56

    njan say pass ayi

    NESRIN August 12, 16:36

    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ …………………………………………………………………..
    mark koodi vannirunenkil

    AZEELA August 12, 16:34

    Thank u change vannu pakshe ethra mark kudi ennu ariyilla athu koodi vannirunnenkil

  6. shibin
    shibin August 09, 00:01

    hey frndz,wat is knw as’RAL’in revaluation result!!

  7. anjali
    anjali August 07, 08:13

    ee masamengilum plus one revaluation results varumooo??????????????

  8. Safvan
    Safvan August 07, 06:28

    Engil site eadanann parayou

  9. visakh
    visakh August 06, 23:20

    hey akshay..ral..ennu koduthirukkunnu entha ..athuu?

  10. Nithin Thankachan
    Nithin Thankachan August 06, 09:13

    friendz……!!!! result vannu,…..!!!! dhse yil keri ellarum nokku friendz….. !!!!

  11. anitta joseph
    anitta joseph August 05, 20:15

    result ee month publish cheyo?????????

  12. akshay
    akshay August 05, 18:51

    result vanu check dhse site

  13. akshay
    akshay August 05, 18:25

    yes rslt has been published check the site dhse

  14. britto
    britto August 05, 17:51

    reply fast eazcha thanne varumo

  15. britto
    britto August 05, 17:49

    will it come on this month. reply please da???

    SAFVAN(JNM) August 05, 07:15

    Aftr 3rd yr dgree prdekshkamm…thy dnt rply bro!:(

  17. yasir
    yasir August 03, 15:51

    Revaluation results enna varunath pls reply ?

  18. MUFLIHA .N
    MUFLIHA .N August 01, 20:09

    june varumennu paranittu this is the month of august so plzzzz publish the result as early as possible pattuvenki this week thanne publish cheyyanee


  19. MUFLIHA .N
    MUFLIHA .N August 01, 20:05

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz revaluation result ?????????????

  20. fahad
    fahad August 01, 11:37

    hey 2days nulilil varumena parayunath, eneyum vanilenkil ,enth cheyum

  21. Safvan (jnm)
    Safvan (jnm) July 31, 23:20

    U mean tday bro?

  22. Farooq
    Farooq July 31, 20:14

    Alla jaykannama

  23. amala
    amala July 31, 18:24

    inniyenna result varunneeeee??? arkkelum ariyamo???

  24. yasir
    yasir July 31, 17:09

    Revaluation e varsham enganum varumo

  25. anitta joseph
    anitta joseph July 31, 16:16

    inne july 31………enni next june first week ano result varunathe???

  26. aravind k prasad
    aravind k prasad July 31, 08:20

    revaluvation result enna varunnathu?????????

  27. visakh
    visakh July 30, 22:12

    hai bhai aariyumo e nuttandillengil revl result??

  28. anitta joseph
    anitta joseph July 30, 20:02

    RESULT 30ne varOOOOOOO??????????//?

  29. anitta joseph
    anitta joseph July 30, 19:58


  30. fahad
    fahad July 30, 11:40

    passakumayrkum alle… 1mark venam…. For pass ,

  31. yasir
    yasir July 30, 06:15


    Is the result on 30-7-2013

  32. safvan
    safvan July 29, 18:06

    iniyum ente kshama pareekshikaruthu..onnunlil panam allenkil revaulatiön…./

  33. safvan
    safvan July 29, 17:58

    avarku pokaanonnumillalloo..ninte panamalle pokunnathu..

  34. safvan
    safvan July 29, 17:55

    you also in the sasi

  35. safvan
    safvan July 29, 17:53

    isnt it

  36. safvan
    safvan July 29, 17:52

    thank you for praying

  37. Nithin Thankachan
    Nithin Thankachan July 29, 17:12

    Saliq.. sathyamaano..? wednesday publish cheyyumo..? please replay me….

  38. fahad
    fahad July 28, 23:33

    i called again them.. They told me ..will published ths week… . Wat will we do.. !: :'(

  39. Rahith mohan
    Rahith mohan July 28, 20:23

    aarenkilum viliche annveshicho?

  40. anitta joseph
    anitta joseph July 28, 19:04

    +1 revaluation vannu……+2 revaluation athine munbe submit cheyethale??????????????/

  41. britto
    britto July 27, 17:24

    vannal mathram arrikkuka

  42. saliq shauuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzz
    saliq shauuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzz July 26, 18:12

    hai frndzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…… revaluation result next wednsday publish cheyum…….evide coments paranja ellavarum passavatteeeeee…..or mark kooodattteeeeee……….aaameeeeeeeennnn……… good luck friendzzzzz…….

  43. praveen
    praveen July 26, 14:19

    When will the plus two revaluation 2013 exam result publishes?

    NITHIN THANKACHAN July 25, 12:30

    re valuation kodutha pappres lost ayyi ennu thonnunnu…. wait cheythu maduthu

  45. hari
    hari July 23, 18:44

    r u sure about it…?

  46. britto
    britto July 23, 18:01

    vanno replay now

  47. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 23, 15:37

    Dengue’k ethire pada poruthunna ee velayil, enth revaln,?enth reslt? Enik mathiyayi(not:don’t read it as mathi i mean chala)

  48. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 23, 15:27

    Hi, Frndzzz,
    revaltn enik keezhadangi thannillenkilum,njan dengue’k keezhadangi,

  49. Rahith mohan
    Rahith mohan July 22, 20:34

    thanku :)

  50. anitta joseph
    anitta joseph July 22, 20:22

    is it true….???

  51. fahad
    fahad July 22, 19:33

    i hope that revaluatiøn result will published thk week , cz i called exam board ofice so they told to me @ystrd ,

  52. krishana
    krishana July 22, 09:21

    anik biologyk mark vennam

  53. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 22, 00:30

    eee revaluvation result enna publish cheya nale nale neele neele anu paranju kaliyakana lottary vare anik adichu anittum ithu mathram……………..!
    Thoma innu muthal shemikan padika athukod veruthe vida

  54. jamshid
    jamshid July 21, 12:14

    revaluation result miss aayi.it will be published after re-revaluation.

  55. biju
    biju July 21, 08:00

    eni vannit enthina

  56. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 20, 21:51

    avideya do ni marano
    padikuna thirakilano

  57. Ranjina.ramesh
    Ranjina.ramesh July 20, 21:15


  58. Rahith mohan
    Rahith mohan July 20, 15:06

    be positive, jaykum
    we wil pray for you

  59. fahad
    fahad July 20, 00:04

    oh is it… , enek1mark venam jaykan.. Nadako

  60. Rahith mohan
    Rahith mohan July 19, 11:05

    I am not sure, bt my teacher told me that

  61. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 18, 23:08

    ni plus two avideya padiche

  62. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 18, 23:04

    mazakalamale aganeyoke undavum

  63. biju
    biju July 18, 22:22

    aniku 1 mark vanam

  64. aswathi
    aswathi July 18, 21:12

    ohh bt revaluation result ipo aduthonnum varathillaa ippo thonnuvanu revaluation nu kodukkendayirunnu ennu enthoru kashtamanu paisa vellathilayi….

  65. fahad
    fahad July 18, 20:45

    @rahith moha.. R u sure ,pls varw

  66. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 18, 19:05

    u r correct ……..results publish cheyanam enna kariyam eni gov maranu poyp avo……..

  67. britto
    britto July 18, 18:33

    reply fast

  68. britto
    britto July 18, 18:32

    vannal reply fast

  69. Rahith mohan
    Rahith mohan July 17, 22:25

    will be published soon

  70. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 17, 20:27

    result varumbol varatte allathe entha cheya kaathirikan thudagiyittu kure nalayi .revaluvation anoru kaaryam illa ana mattila ivar perumarune

    ANITTA JOSEPH July 17, 19:39

    sasi of d year…… those who waiting 4 revaluation result………

  72. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 17, 18:16

    ariyilla,result ee adutha kalathonum varum ennu thonnnunila

  73. gokul chandran
    gokul chandran July 17, 12:24

    revaluation onnu vannirunnenkil

  74. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 16, 19:44

    athe do orale neril kaananamenonum illa friend aakuvan njan ini kerala varma il kittunudonu nokanam kittiyilenkil vere privat ayicheran pova.ana revaluvation anna varanu ariyamo

  75. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 16, 19:06

    nalla oru friendship nu neeril kannanameno voice kelkanam ennonum illa sreejith.its just amiracle
    epo thane namude friendship form cheythathum oru miracle thanne alle sree…….

  76. visakh
    visakh July 15, 23:03

    hey frndzz..revaluation result enna varunnee vallathum aarinjoo???plzz reply mee

  77. biju
    biju July 15, 22:27


  78. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 15, 22:25

    njan vittil chodichittilla mikavarum ivide yevidenkilum cheran nokum enthenkilumoke avatte.neril kaanatha e friendinu vendi help cheythalo thanks gopika.

  79. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 15, 21:44

    fees ne patti onnum thane eniq ariyila.
    ethayalum nee veetil chodichittu nee nerittu collegil vannu aneshiq,apol valla fees ellavum undo ennum mattu kariyagalum ariyamalo

  80. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 15, 21:37

    ennitu nee cheranuntonu para

  81. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 15, 21:34

    thanks gopika.pinenthokeyud vishesham. Ninde vittil arokeyund

  82. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 15, 19:58

    k. Budimuttikolu. alla cheruvan athraya cash .ande friendine vilichapo avan paranjathu 18000 akumena aakumo gopika njan vittil chodichittu parayam

  83. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 15, 19:05

    hello……eniq bayakara budhimuttayi ketto…….kashttam friends ayal thamil help oke cheyanam…pinne ba economicsil seat und

  84. sainaksimon
    sainaksimon July 15, 14:26

    Plz plz plz revaluationte result vepgam publish cheyyu…allegil nattillum,veetilum nilkan pattilla…

  85. Rahith mohan
    Rahith mohan July 15, 11:06


  86. biju
    biju July 15, 07:46

    oru varsham kudi pokunnu……. gopu and frndz. ennu varum ee maza….maza vannu.
    … eni enna result

  87. fahad
    fahad July 15, 06:27

    alla frndz ..enek orumark mathe jaykan ,ath nadakow :'(

    ANITTA JOSEPH July 14, 21:58

    revaluation entha ??? njan marannu poyi…………….

    ANITTA JOSEPH July 14, 21:54

    samarathine date fix cheyeetho…….tat’s better

    ANITTA JOSEPH July 14, 21:47

    Revaluatine kazhiche mark kudiyilakilum…… I love d frndship which i was seeing here……………
    swt buddies……………

  91. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 14, 20:17

    endayalum ni chodik anittu nale paray .ninak budimuttayenkil sorry to.njan avarod chodikam ,(sc) vibagathil ullavark ozivudonu chodikamo? Mail id thanal preshnamakumenu thonunu athukod njan pineyum paraya pettanu fb account undaka do

  92. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 14, 17:06

    allegil veda ethil oke id ettal pinne ninaku prashnamavum…….
    pinne avide history (main) undo enu eniq ariyilla.BA economics und

  93. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 14, 16:49

    njan enthayalum poyi chodichu nokam.nintematu 2 friends nodum onnu chodichu nokku.seat undagil njan nale thane parayam.collegile contact no ninaku veno….
    eniq ninte mail id onnu tharamo

  94. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 14, 13:50

    history njan nokune alenkil vere vellathum
    ni chodichittu paray..nine matharamalla
    ande friendsine njan orikalum marakilla ni vegam account undakikolu ithil coment ayakan pattathayi thudagittud

  95. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 14, 13:38

    njan ennekilum fb a/c thudagum ennu theercha appol 1st request taniq thane ayakam…..pakshe appoyeqm ee friend ne maranukalayaruth

  96. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 14, 13:35

    ariyilla ,nee ethu course annu nokkunath enu parayu njan officeil poyi chodichittu nale parayam….

  97. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 14, 13:30

    full A+ kittiya thanik colleg thuranittum padikan thonanileeee
    ni fb account undakumbol anik request ayakan marakale (sreejith cms) thande collagíl ini cheruvan pattumo?

  98. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 14, 11:46

    aa njan aneshikam……
    class onnum kuzhapamilla nallathannu…….pakshe epo padikan onnum oru sukamilla…epozum oru vaccation polleyanu

  99. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 14, 09:37

    ariyam.avide padikan anik thalparyamilla class agineyud .tcr il avadeya ninde home
    time kittumbol ande friendsine thiraki nokk

  100. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 14, 08:54

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  101. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 13, 23:05

    onum illa gopike.ande friendinde name adharash p.p avanu bsw kittiyathu avide avande opam sachind anu name ulla vere oruthanaum und 2 alum ande opam padichatha ariyamo avare?

  102. Rahith mohan
    Rahith mohan July 13, 21:58

    I don’t know what are they doing with the revaluation result!!
    I lost the mind to check it :(

  103. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 13, 20:27

    athetha agine parajathu……….
    pinne ninte friend ethu department aaanu

  104. NAVEENAwHN wL d +2
    NAVEENAwHN wL d +2 July 13, 20:26

    eNNEnkiLM EE +2 reVAluATn reSLt WArO? huh !!!!!!!!!! :/

  105. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 13, 19:34

    k.anikum visheshagal onum illa .ini revaluvation result varate alleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  106. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 13, 18:39

    christ college,irijalakuda(thrissur)

  107. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 13, 18:37

    ethu vishesham anu parayadathu….
    collegil prathyekichu onnum illa….
    Ragging onnum thane illa

  108. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 13, 18:34

    enthu nonaya paraje

  109. britto
    britto July 13, 16:53

    athanu a site?reply fast

  110. NAVEENA
    NAVEENA July 13, 16:11

    wHN wL D rEVAluAtioN ResLt wL b PuBLsHZ???/ aRKeLM ArIYum eNKIL pArI… :( :(

  111. fahad
    fahad July 13, 15:29

    hey saliq ,whch s that site, nenak ethra mark venam jaykan, jaykan 1mark mathram ula arenkilum undow

  112. Nithin thankachan
    Nithin thankachan July 13, 15:09

    cms college kottayam and you…?

  113. Nithin thankachan
    Nithin thankachan July 13, 15:07

    nonayallathe parayathilla……

  114. saliq shauzzzzzzzz
    saliq shauzzzzzzzz July 13, 10:35

    hai friendzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. An gud news for uuuuuu…..revaluation Result ariyaaan puthiya web site irangiyitund…. Result athil ariyan sadikum…..ellavarum arinjitundakumennu vijarikunnuu…..

  115. saliq shauzzzzzzzz
    saliq shauzzzzzzzz July 13, 10:27

    revaluation result varaan entha ellavarkum ithra aagraham……. Jzt thnk…. Ippo namuk oru pratheeksha enkilum und mark koodiyekam ennu…. Result varumbol mark koodiyilenkil……. Hmmmmmm pineym nirasha mathram… So result enthayalum varum. Namuk ipo mark koodaan prarthikkam……enthu parayunnu ente friendzzzzzz

  116. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 13, 06:25

    Kavalapedathe arun bai
    njan CMine onnu vilikunnund!

  117. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 13, 06:17

    Iniyum rslt prakyabichilenkil ammachiyane njan aakashathek vedivekum
    *reslt kitiyilenkil oru nirahaara samaram udane pratheeshikam(pillere,ningal koodeyille!)

    “VIDYARTHI AIKYAM sindabad”

  118. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 13, 06:12

    Iniyum rslt prakyabichilenkil ammachiyane njan aakashathek vedivekum

    reslt kitiyilenkil oru nirahaara samaram udane pratheeshikam(pillere,ningal koodeyille!)

    “VIDYARTHI AIKYAM sindabad”

  119. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 13, 06:04

    Daivame, Ente kaash poyi(revalutn fee-400+internet chrge150….+comment cheyth ente viralillem thayampeduthu+current charge+samayam)

  120. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 13, 05:57

    Suresh gopi sarinte dialogue pole(orotta chodyam mathi ninteyoke jeevitham maran)

    njanum parayunnu (orotta mark mathi a+ kittan)

    dayav cheyth aa reslt thannal internet charge laabikamayirunnu

  121. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo July 13, 05:50

    “iniyum varathathenthe-ente revaluatione-:-
    iniyum varathathenthe”

  122. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 12, 14:09

    cheruvanulla parisremam nadnu kodirikunu chilapol keralavaram il kittu kittiyilenkil njan privatill padikum alenkil enthenkilum cheyum anik entha cheyandenu oru pidiyum illa.ninde visheshagal para

  123. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 12, 06:16

    uthaleeeeeee….ninte admission kariyam enthayi

  124. safvan
    safvan July 10, 21:27


  125. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 10, 14:51

    nigale kadapo athu pedichittudavum pavam muthala ande friend avide chernittud

  126. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 10, 14:49

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    GOPIKA July 10, 13:54

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  128. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 13:42

    don’t worry nee pass avum we all will pray for u

  129. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 13:39

    njagal innale poyi noki pakse kandilla

  130. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 13:38

    eniqum epoyanu athu manasilavunath
    eni parajitentha kariyam

  131. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 10, 13:03

    ni avideya plus 2 padichathu

  132. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 10, 12:58

    njan chernittilla .say pass ayavarku nale collagil kodukamenu news paperil kandu avidenkilum kittan prarthicholo.ninde collagil valarthuna muthalaye kado

  133. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 10, 12:52

    revaluvationu koduthathu kod vella karyam undavo mattonum alla revaluvation anathu oru thattipayi

  134. fahad
    fahad July 10, 11:25

    da nenak ethra mark venm jaykan

    ANITTA JOSEPH July 10, 10:26

    nice sorrow….

  136. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 10:01

    yes, friends oke und…agane valiya kuyappam onnum illa.pine ragging onnum ithu vare illa.nee cherno

  137. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 09:56

    2 nd language

  138. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 10, 08:34

    ni 100 kittumenu vicharicha subject athanu

  139. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 10, 08:32

    ok.collagil puthiya friends ok ayo

  140. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 07:46

    thank you friends

  141. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 07:44

    athoru kathayanu aswathi……….njan ethayallum 100 kittumnu prathikshicha subjectil annu eniq mark kurajathu.ente teacher&friendsum oke parajapo koduthatanu

  142. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 07:37

    am so sorry maranathalla eniq kurachu divasam ayi bayakara fever anu bcoz of this travelling ennu thonunu.athanu ente reply illaje

  143. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 10, 07:34

    evideya cherne

  144. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 09, 22:51

    jayikum saima tenttion venda

  145. Arun
    Arun July 09, 22:34

    eni revaluvation matrame ulu athengil dayavu cheyth jayipikane. Paper noki avark tholpichal matram mathilo ath enapolulavaruda jeevithamanu avar nashipikunath..athinok avaruda kudumpam anubavikum…ethra padichitum jayikunilalo enna dhukam mathram baki….

  146. arun.m
    arun.m July 09, 21:56

    when can we see ur reslt………..

  147. saliq shauuuuuuzzzzzz
    saliq shauuuuuuzzzzzz July 09, 21:35

    heyyyy revauluation result will not come soooooòooooonnn… because govrnmnt aa cash kond puttu adichuuu ….. ini result varanamenki gvnmntinu vere fund undakanam…..so all of you wait 4 that…….

  148. aswathi
    aswathi July 09, 18:34

    95 % ulla gopika enthina verthe revaluation result kathirikkane.

  149. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 09, 10:01

    friends +2 say pass ayavarude kaaryam vellathum arinjo

  150. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 08, 23:13

    enthado reply illathe marano e friendine

  151. nithin thankachan
    nithin thankachan July 08, 12:44

    ne evida padiche?

  152. nithin thankachan
    nithin thankachan July 08, 12:41

    dear arya ethonnum ee varshatheykke pretheeshikanda

  153. nithin thankachan
    nithin thankachan July 08, 12:38

    etha college and subject njanum chernnu gopika

  154. nithin thankachan
    nithin thankachan July 08, 12:37

    wait cheyyunnathinum oru paruthi elle gopika

  155. nithin thankachan
    nithin thankachan July 08, 12:36

    best of luck gopika

  156. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 08, 07:56

    all the best gopika. Collagile vishesham parayan marakale

  157. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 08, 06:02

    njan karanam arum visamikunath eniku istamala athukodu chodichatha.ethayallum ipo undakunila ipo collegil chernathale ollu kurachu nal oke kayijitu oru kay nokkom.
    pinne innu muthal njan collegil povanu plz pray 4me.bye…….

  158. Ashitha Babu
    Ashitha Babu July 07, 22:01

    revaluation results annu publish chayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  159. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 07, 18:17

    ni plus two avideya padichathu

  160. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 07, 18:15

    e cheriya karayathino njan feel aakune.facebook account undakikude gopika

  161. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 07, 18:14

    e cheriya karayathino njan feel aakune.facebook account undakikude gopika

  162. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 07, 17:05

    hey, njan chumma chodichatha.ente friendinodu place paraju ennu vachu enikku oru kuzhappavum illa. feel ayenkil sorry.pinne results ennanu eniku yathoru pidiyum illa

  163. saliq shauzzzzzzzz
    saliq shauzzzzzzzz July 07, 13:10

    hai friendzzzzzz

  164. Arun
    Arun July 07, 10:56

    Revaluvation athengilum jayikane deyivamea

  165. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 07, 10:29

    ande place thrissur ayyanthole ariyo?revaluvattio result ana varanu ariyo

  166. raheema
    raheema July 07, 08:48

    where is the revaluation result ?????????it is completed jun first week!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. rahee
    rahee July 07, 08:44

    where is the revaluation result?????it is completed jun first week !!!!!!!!!!

  168. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 07, 08:32

    ninakentha ente place ariyan ithrayum agraham…..anyway my place is at thrissur

  169. arshad
    arshad July 07, 07:23

    ethra day ayi njan revaluation vendi wait akunath…enitum ith vare vanita..

  170. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 06, 23:32

    ini varuna alottment kazinjathinu shesham ninde place paranjila

  171. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 06, 19:15

    enodano,annenkil njan chernu

  172. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 06, 19:13

    hey just be cool yaar….namuku kalipu vanittu oru kariyavum illa
    avarku thonnubaye avaru result publish cheyu……so wait for that day is the only possible thing

  173. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 06, 19:06

    ni enni epoya collegil cherune….

  174. Arun
    Arun July 06, 15:42

    kore nalayi ennengilum revaluation result varumo

  175. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 06, 13:18

    revaluvation result innalenkil naleyo mattanalo varumenu vicharikunu.njan entha cheya kurachu nalayi boradichirika

  176. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 06, 13:12

    alla macha

  177. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 06, 13:12

    thanodalla njan paranje

  178. Nithin Thankachan
    Nithin Thankachan July 06, 08:53

    etha kodutho..?.. colegil ayo?

  179. Nithin Thankachan
    Nithin Thankachan July 06, 08:51

    ennodano.? Sreejith

  180. Nithin Thankachan
    Nithin Thankachan July 06, 08:48

    enik nalla kalipu varunundu.. entha ethra nalay ennittum ethentha publish cheyathe… improv and say. 2mathu ezhuthi athunoki result vannu.. ennitum entha revaluation varathe

  181. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 06, 06:59

    hey njan athonum karyamakunila.8 th nu class thudagile, enittum revaluation results vannitilalo

  182. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 05, 21:49

    allavarum fb il ulla e kaalathil fb il illanu paranjapo kaliyakitha chumma karyamakanda

  183. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 05, 21:13

    illa athinenthanithra kaliyakkan

  184. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 05, 21:04

    revaluvationu njanum koduthittud ana result varunathenu ariyillado

  185. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 05, 21:01

    ayye fb il ile .allaaa say exam kazinjavarude karyam vellathum arinjo

  186. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 05, 20:46

    its correct but what to da njan facebookil illa

  187. jismy
    jismy July 05, 20:44

    hey jismy ninte fb a/c cancel cheytho

  188. jismy
    jismy July 05, 20:43

    Athu sariyannu pakshe njan facebookil illa

  189. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 05, 20:06

    athu saramilla.anikum oru nalla friendine kittiyile. ena class thudagune ni facebookil undo chodichathu vere onumkodalla ethil athra nal coment ayakan pattumenu ariyathathu koda
    ninde place avideya

  190. jismy
    jismy July 05, 16:48

    hai ,sorry mole amude results ipponm varela

  191. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 05, 16:47

    sorry ninak thana reply ,comment ayi poyi.

  192. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 05, 16:45

    oh!nice. ethayallum revaluation result late ayathinal eniq oru puthiya friendne kittiyalo…enna result varanu valla ideayum undo

  193. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 05, 08:00

    avide njan vanittud keralavarma pole thane supper collage ande friendinu avide sports cottayil kittiyittud

  194. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 05, 07:22

    christ college ,irijalakuda(regular)

  195. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 04, 23:47

    njan keralavaramayil nokunud alenkil vere avidenkilum kittiyalum mathi ni avideya cherne

  196. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 04, 20:37

    ni ethu collegeil anu nokkune

  197. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 04, 10:15

    when the revaluation results will publish………the allotment to the most of the colleges have completed still the revaluation results have not published This is too much……….

  198. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 03, 20:26

    yes,njan chernu.eniq calicut allotment publish cheythapo kittiyirunu ahukodu june 2 nu chernu

  199. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 03, 18:25

    collagil cheran pattumenkil friends paranjoloto plz

  200. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 03, 18:21

    chernittilla ni cherno
    ini cheran pattilanum parayunu

  201. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA July 02, 18:17

    Hello friends arengilum collegeil cherno…..

  202. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv July 02, 10:02

    collagil cheruvan pattumenu allavarum parayunud
    ini revaluvation result njan chathittavum vara

  203. Nithin Thankachan
    Nithin Thankachan July 01, 19:06

    june month is over ennitum entha ethu varathe….?

  204. Nithin Thankachan
    Nithin Thankachan July 01, 19:04

    revaluation result oru upakarathinum ellannu thonnunnu

  205. visakh
    visakh July 01, 17:36

    helloooo frnd enna e revaluation result varunnee…??? vaarumbol e mail id il onnu forwrd cheyumo plzz??guyss

  206. Vishnu T
    Vishnu T July 01, 15:15

    When will be the hse revaluation result published?

  207. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA June 30, 18:08

    sorry, no idea
    egane poyya aa result kodu oru upakaravum undavilla ennanu thonnunath

  208. sreejith uv
    sreejith uv June 29, 22:20

    friends namuk ini collagil cheruvan pattumo
    plz para

  209. sarath
    sarath June 29, 18:36


  210. sarath
    sarath June 29, 18:32

    werz d pls2 revltn rislt?

  211. lijin k.k
    lijin k.k June 29, 11:32

    it will publish on july 3

  212. lijin k.k
    lijin k.k June 29, 11:30

    where is plus two revaluation result

  213. lijin k.k
    lijin k.k June 29, 11:29

    please publish the revaluation result of plus two iam till waiting

  214. fahad
    fahad June 29, 00:31

    hey i want revaluation..it is nt avilable..plsss , if u get it?

  215. jacob
    jacob June 28, 23:39

    Plz tell me revaluavation result dateeee plzzzzz

  216. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA June 27, 09:12

    hai gudmrg frds,result ennu varumo

  217. arya
    arya June 25, 18:18

    what the heck is dis they should hav published the result before allotment

  218. arya
    arya June 25, 18:16

    where should i check my result???/ is the result published yet?

  219. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA June 25, 16:38

    already i have 95 percent with full A+
    enittano njan thottunu parayunath

  220. Ajith
    Ajith June 24, 17:42

    25t jun

  221. Ajith
    Ajith June 24, 17:40

    Result vannu…Gopika thoottuuu..

  222. Gibin
    Gibin June 24, 16:26

    somebody plz tel me when will the results publish

  223. appu
    appu June 24, 09:46

    june 3rd week is over please tell
    ennu varum result.

  224. GOPIKA
    GOPIKA June 22, 08:22

    anybody please tell me when the revaluation results will publish

  225. Ajmalajoo
    Ajmalajoo June 21, 21:28

    Ith Vallathum aavo?????what is this.this is the 3rd wk.wakeup and give our rslts

  226. Gokul
    Gokul June 21, 15:55

    Do you publish the result in atleast the end of 2013 ??????????

  227. somia
    somia June 18, 13:23

    what a pity is this? June 2nd week is over & the message is that the result will be published in the 1st week of June, but the result is not yet found. How can we find our result. Plz reply.

  228. muhemmed uvais. km
    muhemmed uvais. km June 17, 14:48

    when coming +2 improvement examination result-2013

  229. Sivaprasad
    Sivaprasad June 16, 10:28

    June 2nd week is over yet the result will not published .when was it……….??

  230. somia
    somia June 14, 16:49

    june 1st week is over & why the revaluation improvement result is not yet found

  231. sarath
    sarath June 11, 18:09

    when was the result come ???

  232. sreekkutty
    sreekkutty June 11, 10:00

    when will the hse(plus two)revaluation &improvement result publish?

  233. Selin
    Selin June 11, 08:09

    When will the revaluation and improvement results publish???????????

  234. asharafkvkavumbai
    asharafkvkavumbai June 09, 20:25

    What +2 say and revaluavation result date

  235. Naseebmt
    Naseebmt June 09, 13:48

    When will the plus one dhse 2013 exam result publishes?

  236. Anjaly Tony
    Anjaly Tony June 08, 09:20

    when wil the HSE 2013 improvement exam result publishes ?

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