Kerala Plus One Trail Allotment Results

Kerala plus one admission 2013 trial allotment result will be published on 10th June. Candidates can check the trial allotment results at the link given below. Candidates will get an idea about their chances in the plus one admission through the trial allotment and make necessary corrections before the first allotment scheduled on 17th June.

Category : Kerala Plus One First Allotment (DHSE)
Conducted by : Kerala Higher Secondary Board
Date : 15.06.2013


Latest News (30.06.2014) :
First Allotment Published on 30-06-2014


 Admissions on 30th June, 1st July & 2nd July 2014. Sports quota Special Allotment Results are scheduled to be published on 1st July 2014

Downloads :




Second Allotment Results Published : Press Release

Second Allotment Statistics

Seats for Plus One Admission in Unaided / Technical / Special / Residential Schools




kerala plus one admission 2013

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