Karnataka SSLC Supplementary Results 2013

Karnataka examinations authority will publish the SSLC supplementary result soon. According to KEA, all arrangements are done to declare the result. Candidates can check their Karnataka Class 10 Supplementary result from the link given below.

Examination : Karnataka SSLC Supplementary
Conducted  by : Karnataka Examinations Authority

Latest News : Karnataka SSLC Supplementary Result Published

The results can also be obtained by sending a message in the following format to  9243355223
karsslc<space> <11 digit reg. no.>
Example: karsslc 20139999999
and send it to 9243355223

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  1. pasha says:

    still its not showing…..!

  2. manjunath says:

    what happened your result

  3. rithisha says:

    yeah guys results has been announced school9 pls check it out!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mahesh says:

    Result banthu

  5. rithisha says:

    still how much time it ill take to publish the results its already 4:30????????????????

  6. gautam says:

    hi shiva raj when

    When is result.

  7. Deepak says:

    its already 4 clock when it will be announced?

  8. gautam says:

    HI shivaraj whn is result?

  9. gautam says:

    today bro. .

  10. Hema says:

    Really today at 4’oclock result will announce

  11. shivaraj m n says:

    Hi AISHWARYA C.S today 4pm check your result.

  12. shivaraj m n says:

    Hi Tejaswini today 4pm check your result.

  13. shivaraj m n says:

    Hi friends good news for you.
    today 4pm sslc supplementary exam result announce, check it . inform your all friends


  14. gautam says:

    I THINK TODAY bro:)

  15. shivaraj m n says:

    i think sslc supplementary result announce in 17th July. i am all so waiting for this result.

  16. shivaraj m n says:

    i think its announce 17th July. i am all so waiting for this result, ur sister result.

  17. Manju.r says:

    Please tell me which day sslc sup results

  18. gautam says:


  19. kumar.s says:

    whan sir sslc reslut supplementary exam resut

  20. Azhar says:

    Pls decline the result

  21. tarun says:

    plz publish reuslt

  22. tarun says:

    plz send me results………………………………
    when will result plz publish it …………………………..?

  23. deva says:

    when my result please tell me

  24. monisha says:

    please announce supplementary result please………………………………

  25. Ravi says:

    Hi what the hell when will i get my results see man i am waiting now

  26. Hema says:

    wen was sslc supplimentary results.

  27. harish says:


  28. rohan rathod says:

    When ur decleared result date

  29. sujith says:

    plzz tel me how much subjet passed

  30. Rithesh M.G says:

    sslc supplymentry result

  31. shivaraj m n says:

    I Am also waiting for the result. this result announce 17th july.

  32. Deepak says:

    yes when sslc supplementary results sir ? are its sure on July 17th ?

  33. Fucker boy says:

    Plz announce sslc result sir

  34. NITHIN RAJ .N says:


  35. RAUF MALAR says:


  36. Bhasha says:

    am also happen same feeling which you want..

  37. sanjay says:

    Whn vl I get d result

  38. saqeeb says:

    Hai l am saqeeb ….my bro was failed in 2sub but he did’nt want to see the result my parents is forceing me to see result but in website did’t have declead the result… sir/madam plz upload the result how much have possible …thankyou

  39. madhushudhana says:

    pls pls pls announce the s s l c supplementary examination results soon

  40. zaid afridi says:

    plz reply when your announcing the result its a request

  41. ramya says:

    pls reply
    when will the result is announced u pls reply

  42. kishor says:


  43. RAUF MALAR says:


  44. kishor says:

    hi dove wher r u

  45. Keerthi says:

    Me too

  46. naveen says:

    when is the result of sslc supplementry please upload it in the computer

  47. prince says:

    when is my sslc result

  48. niranjan says:


  49. Mohammedfahad says:

    What the hell are you doing…….
    More how many days you result….
    Collages are start it. Plz declare soon

  50. nithin gowda says:

    Guys i am sslc but 2nd year pu dont be worried be calm nd all the best for all

  51. ahmed says:

    Kab re result derien so jana nai re colege ku

  52. Prashanth says:

    M waiting for my result

  53. Bhasha says:

    hello friend.. Am also waiting for the result because my one friend is fail in english..

  54. Prabhu das says:

    Hey ru declared the result are not ? What the hell ur doing……………

  55. rizwan says:

    hi. when are a result plz desclear the result fast plz

  56. Ayub says:

    M waitin fa my result??????????? When

  57. mohammed.faizal says:

    please declare the results soon the colleges have been started

  58. Tejaswini says:

    I am waiting for sslc
    supplementary result please
    tel me


  59. raghu says:

    helllllo wen u r releasing d results ???


  60. raghu says:

    helllllo wen u r releasing d results ???

  61. ravi nijamkari says:

    when is the SSLC supplementary exam results

  62. hacker says:

    when result will be anounced

  63. ahmed says:

    Jaldi result upload karo be

  64. Deepak says:

    they willl atleast one month to announce the results :)

  65. Deepak says:


    There are announcing the results June 17 was exams started so July 17th results will be out…Sir Please announce asap Please !

  66. Hemanth says:

    Pls announce the suppelemantry results…

  67. karthik says:

    plz announce the result soon sslc

  68. mohammed awaiz says:

    plz tell me when is the supplementary result is going to be declared plz……………………

  69. vinay says:

    say me truely whan the sslc results are

  70. Prathap says:

    when is the sslc suplimentory result?.

  71. rohan says:

    ok thank u dude…

  72. shivaraj m n says:

    you see in this site Rohan. ‘Karnataka SSLC Revaluation & Supplementary Exam 2013 Details’

    And i am all so waiting for in this result now’ that’s why,

  73. saleem khan M.A says:

    Plz i m wait 2 result in my hm ter r askng 2 me when is ur result plz announce it fst plzzzz……….

  74. pavangururaj says:

    when is sslc supplementary results will be

  75. akshay singh says:

    please inform the date and timings

  76. nisar says:

    whe is supplementary result …..

  77. Sajan lal says:

    17th july the supplementary result

  78. Sajan lal says:

    17th july it is ok

  79. manoj says:

    I an waiting for results after writing my exams i realized that we has to pass in dissi attempt only thank you please announce the results as room as possible

  80. Nitesh says:

    Sir please tell exam result we r dye i our house

  81. Ravi says:

    R u fail first time ok then wait

  82. Saif says:

    get me ur number bro i need a help

  83. rohan says:

    shivaraj is it really on 17th july if yes how do u know?

  84. rohan says:

    8th june or 8th july dude?

  85. Johnson says:

    when is sslc supplementary results tell me the date

  86. ameen says:

    i love reading please…. tell the supplymentary result

  87. vijay says:

    plz announce soon as possible we don’t hve sufficient time we are gtng lat noclg vil admit us

  88. Fazil says:

    Please Mention as Early as possible Please

  89. Mohammed says:

    Please Mention as Early as Possible

  90. shivaraj m n says:

    hi aishwarya,
    i think sslc supplementary result announce in 17th July. i am all so waiting for this result.

  91. sridhar says:

    i ant sslc resluts soon

  92. sultan says:

    iam not sslc iam degree sslc result on 8th june k good luck u all will be pass k if u want any help means call

  93. saif says:

    Plz upload da result soon we dnt ve much tym thr no collgs too v r gettin late plz upload our results

  94. shivaraj m n {dolleshwara} says:

    please announce sslc supplementary exam result.

  95. Gowtham says:

    will the result be this week, are the next week. Because i don’t get sits in any college, its already late

  96. UMRAZ AHMED says:


  97. UMRAZ says:


  98. Saif says:

    dont knw bro dey r doin it very late :(

  99. Saif says:

    Plz upload da result soon we dnt ve much tym thr no collgs too v r gettin late plz upload our results soon as u can!!! Announce it soon…..

  100. AISHWARYA C.S says:

    please wnen is sslc supply result 2013 announce aim wating for please announce

  101. AKIL BADAMI says:


  102. rohan says:

    plzzz i m already late to the col dont make us wait more just announce the resultt fast……

  103. kiran .m says:

    please announce sslc supplementary exam result.

  104. Syed Malik says:

    Plz announce sslc supplementary result plz

  105. pradeep says:

    when is result please send it faster

  106. lokesh says:

    want results

  107. shivaraj m n says:

    please when announce sslc supplementary exam result.

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